Kenwood BL335 1 Litre Blender – 350 Watt

June 10, 2018 - Comment


Jonnie1266 says:

Not fit for purpose This product appealed to me for two reasons. Firstly, it has the ability to make small quantities of pastes because the mill attachment will work both ‘wet & dry’. Secondly, it’s a Kenwood. Do not expect the quality of a Kenwood Chef however. I have been using it, and not very often, since March and already the plastic drive coupling (male) on the base unit has worn away to the extent that the attachments do not fit anymore. The problem is that it is made from plastic, full stop. I will give…

CheeseFan says:

A compact, value for money blender This blender has really lived up to my expectations. While it is nothing spectacular, it does exactly what it says on the tin:- It is compact and can fit in even the tiniest of kitchens (mine is ridiculously small, and the blender fits quite nicely on top of my microwave)- It blends very effectively – I put all kinds in there, including porridge oats, chunks of apple, cherries, etc and it blends everything to a smooth pulp- It comes with a grinder to make powders (I haven’t…

J. T. Staunton says:

Very Good Value Blends food well, mixes up properly, rarely any chunky/gunky bits at bottom. Very easy to detach/clean. I find sometimes the liquid leaks out the bottom while blending but this is probably just my fault as when i tighten it together properly i dont get leaks. Amendment to review-after using it for a year it most definitely was my fault, if you tighten components properly there is no problem with using this blender, its really good and always blends stuff right(except frozen strawberries). Its…

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