Breville VKJ318 Hot Cup with Variable Dispenser

September 9, 2013 - Comment

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R. Grant says:

Breville Hot Cup with Variable Dispense After my kettle suddenly stopped working I started researching for a kettle that boiled fairly quickly and looked good. The predecessor to this model got great reviews but had some minor annoyances as reported by people in their reviews. From what I can see they have fixed all of them. I cannot fault this kettle and everyone who has seen or used it so far (1 week) have been really impressed. I would certainly recommend this kettle on looks and functionality. I work from home and have between 6 and 10 cups of coffee a day. It only boils the amount of water you set for the cup size you set. From pressing the button to removing your full cup of hot water it takes my unit 35 seconds. Well done Breville on a superb product.

Darren Watkins says:

Absolutely boiling hot water in seconds (30 to be precise) OK, so I had the Tefal Quick cup when it first came out and it was good, but the water didn’t really stay hot for long.Then along comes the Breville Hot Cup and everything changes.The Breville Hot Cup is quite a compact piece of kitchen kit, taking up no more space than my old kettle. The Hot Cup has a detachable drip tray (excellent for me because I have tall cups), a removal tank (with handle on the back for easy holding)and a large opening in top when you open the lid (but for some reason they have put other parts of the tank in there so you can get splash back if you fill it too quickly), also meant to say you get a separate base which is the size of my kettles old base unit.Set up was a doddle. The only thing you have to put together is the tank onto the base and then the drip dray on the base if you are going to use it.I filled the Hot Cup with water and set it to the smallest cup size with the easy to use revolving cup sizer,…

Best Books To Read "Best Books To Read" says:

Good excuse for the hubby to make the tea! Breville have created a hot water dispensing machine that is meant to be an energy saver, and has variable cup sizes as well as a large 2 litre capacity. Not only that, but the machine looks pretty stylish too. It comes in a nice compact size, as it is the same height as my current kettle and only slightly wider (Height=28.0cm Depth=27.7cm Width=17.0cm). It has a long cord that wraps underneath the base which is handy of your plug point is a little farther away than you would like. The Breville comes in two parts really; you have the base of the hot cup which looks much the same as a cordless kettle and the unit itself. You place the dispensing unit on top of the base and then place the drip tray at the front which slots on top of a fixed ridge. Plug it in and away you go. One of the first things you should do is fill the machine to the maximum level and dispense the two litres (one whole unit) before you use it for hot drinksTypically I thought “it can’t be that…

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