Bosch MUM46A1 Food Mixer, Anthracite/Silver Finish

December 31, 2013 - Comment

Product Features 550W Food Mixer 4 Speed-Settings Multifunctional Arm 3.9L Bowl Recommended Kitchen Essentials Egg Poacher Cups (4 Pack) with Base Ring for Poached Eggs – Premium FDA-Approved Food-Grade Silicone Egg Poachers – Easy Release Poach Pods, Poached Egg Maker Set 4.0 out of 5 stars(2078) Available for Amazon Prime £5.99 (as of June 26,

Product Features

  • 550W Food Mixer
  • 4 Speed-Settings
  • Multifunctional Arm
  • 3.9L Bowl


Crafty Marie "mariej30" says:

Perfect Kitchen Helper for Home Cooks! Now I’ve had my Bosch Mum Food Mixer for almost a month and have used it extensively, I feel I can write a helpful review to lay some ghosts to rest.First up, I was very nearly put off buying this wonderful device because of a couple of negative reviews. I’m so glad that I ignored those comments and decided to give the Bosch a try.To call this just a food mixer is almost an insult to all the functions this kitchen gadget can successfully carry out. I’ll admit that I was…

S. Millican says:

Bish Bash Bosch! Took ages firstly deciding if I wanted a food mixer or food processor-decided food processor was more for chopping and i wanted to mostly bake. Next decision was Kitchen-Aid or Kenwood Chef-both excellent with great reviews but quite hefty both in weight and price. I wanted to be able to leave the mixer out on the work surface where I knew it would be used more if at hand rather than having to keep putting it away and getting it out of a cupboard when required. I then came across the Bosch Mum…

Anagraph "Old enough to remember when they us... says:

Better than a Kenwood Chef, for a small kitchen I have not owned a stand mixer before, so no true comparative review here. Rather, a critical point I nearly missed: a stand mixer that is going to get used lives out on the kitchen worktop, where it is taking space from something else. This Bosch has a full-size bowl, yet its footprint is only half that of my 4-slice popup toaster. It’s a really clever, compact design. When I’m rich and have a huge kitchen, maybe I will buy a Kenwood. Until then, this mixer is far better suited to my…

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